SOX Manager Wertkarten GmbH, Vienna based job! Working permit for Austria is required in advance.

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Dátum pridania: 4.10.2021


• Contribute to the scoping, risk assessment, and planning of SOX program as it relates to Vienna controls. Develop and execute periodic assessment of FSLIs to determine whether they should be included in SOX scope.
• Perform walkthroughs on an annual basis for design and implementation testing.
• Document updates to narratives, RACM and process flow documentation with input from control owners.
• Ongoing training in relevant SOX areas (evidence, thresholds, information produced by the entity, etc.).
• Coordinate with global SOX SMEs and control owners routinely to provide guidance and support.
• Contribute to remediation update meetings and provide input into best remediation strategies for both local and global remediation themes.
• Become proficient with the AuditBoard tool and serve as a champion/SME for the tool.
• Help with ongoing monitoring/maintenance of the 302 and 404 certification process.
• Responsible for coordination with internal audit and any external SOX consultants.
• Document and/or review SOX-relevant policies.
• Ensure appropriate SOX communications – to various audiences (ex. Sponsors, SOX Steerco, Audit Committee, control owners, SMEs, etc.).
• Present to management/SOX Steerco as needed.
• Assist with project management of all stages in SOX cycle.
• Provide creative input that will drive greater efficiency and value to the SOX program.
• Help evaluate internal control deficiencies related to Vienna controls.

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Vienna based job! Working permit for Austria is required in advance.


Informatika - software, Ekonomika, financie, účtovníctvo, Právo a legislatíva
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